(Procedures performed under Medical Director supervision)

The combination of treatments is key to maximizing the expected results.


A 5-Star rejuvenation treatment, acting as a collagen bio-stimulator, revealing more hydrated, revitalized, and luminous skin day by day.

My exclusive protocol, which I call PRP 3MC, is designed for 3 months of intensive therapy to stimulate the formation of more collagen in your skin.

Starting with diamond-tipped microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation, we continue with the application of plasma using micro-needling therapy on the face and neck to enhance regeneration, resulting in increased hydration and progressive firmness.

1 Session (120 min) $450

It is recommended to have 3 sessions every 3 to 4 weeks for $1250

It includes 3 sessions of multipolar radiofrequency after the treatment sessions are completed.


Additional neckline treatment $50

Additional hand treatment $100

Terapia Facial de Microagujas con Dermapen World 4

Therapy aimed at improving various skin conditions such as dark pigmentation, expression lines, sagging, acne scars, and others, using this sophisticated advanced microneedle system that creates 1920 microchannels in the skin per second. FDA approved.

1 Session (60 min) $350

The protocol consists of 4 sessions every 4 weeks for $1260

PRP Hair Therapy

An exclusive treatment with platelet-rich plasma in the scalp area to revitalize and stimulate hair health, reducing hair loss.

Combined therapy with mesotherapy using micro-needles.

1 Session (90 min) $350

Four sessions are required to start the protocol, one every 4 weeks, for $1260

Maintenance starting at 3 months and reevaluation for subsequent sessions

Hand Treatment

Taking care of your skin’s hands is vital to reflect its health. That’s why the availability of combined treatments over time will generate amazing results.

1 – Hydration Mesotherapy with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides $200/session

2 – PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) $250

3 – Depigmentation Treatments:

  • 5 sessions of Chemical Peeling $750

Neck Treatment

An area that is an extension of the face and, therefore, should be treated in a timely manner to maintain harmony with it.

The following treatments can be combined over time for greater and better results.

1 – Mesotherapy to stimulate firmness and hydration (60 min)

  • 4 sessions every 15 days for $997

2 – Multipolar Radiofrequency (30 min)

  • 6 sessions (1 per week) for $600

Eye rejuvenation treatment

1- Revitalization mesotherapy with Hyaluronic Acid and Oligopeptides

  • 4 Sessions every 15 days $900

2 – Collagen biostimulation

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): 3 sessions every 3 weeks $675

Chemical Peels

Peeling treatments are designed in protocols of 3 or more sessions according to the type of peeling to be used, the location and the purpose of its use.

The value of the packages starts at $450

1- Facial rejuvenation

2- Acne Grade 1 and 2

3- Pigmentations (Photodane, Melasma, Lentigos)

4- Rosacea

5- Advanced Peeling with Perfect Derma Peel (4 sessions) $1260

  • These are done after preparing the skin. They are carried out every 28 days and includes the home care kit

Each treatment is personalized, and the patient must comply with a prior preparation protocol of at least 2 weeks.

Facial Dermaplaning

Exfoliative treatment, which eliminates dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin using a sterile surgical scalpel and thus the hairs present in the area. Which will allow the skin to better absorb the nutrients from the following steps. Revealing skin with a softer and brighter texture.

1 Session (60 min) $160

With Extraction of impurities (90 min) $190

Your skin is a reflection of your health and well-being

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