3 Consulting Sessions (1 session per week)


Module 1 (60 minutes):

  • Initial assessment of your practice.
  • Identification of academic needs: Procedures requiring training.
  • Strategic planning for 3 services with their protocols (types of facials, mechanical exfoliation, and superficial chemical peels).
  • Review of license regulations.

Module 2 (60 minutes):

  • Service and quality analysis.
  • Appointment and scheduling management.
  • Customer service and communication.
  • Space optimization.

Module 3 (60 minutes):

  • Introduction to digital marketing: Most profitable social media platforms, profile and bio optimization, importance of creating persuasive posts using the 80/20 rule.


  • Customer record templates, informed consent forms for basic procedures.
  • 3 months of direct communication for results evaluation and questions.
  • 10% discount on future consultations and online or in-person courses.
3 Consulting Sessions (1 session per week)